Visual Information Security Team

VIS TEAM is a research and development group with the objective of developing new techniques based on images for the elaboration of security documents.

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Projects developed by the VIS Team

VISUAL-ID – Identidades Visuais Únicas em Gráficos, Imagens e Faces

The Visual-ID project emerge in the context of the partnership between the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da...


Este projeto é a continuação do projeto TrustStamp, alargando o seu âmbito e permitindo dar resposta...


Os principais objetivos deste projeto são a realização de baterias exaustivas de testes de ferrament...


Publications related to the VIS Team

CodeFace: a deep learning printer-proof steganography for Face Portraits.

Identity Documents (IDs) containing a facial portr...

F. Shadmand, I. Medvedev and N. Gonçalves

Card3DFace—An Application to Enhance 3D Visual Validation in ID Cards and Travel Documents

The identification of a person is a natural way to...

Dihl, L., Cruz, L., & Gonçalves, N.

QualFace: Adapting Deep Learning Face Recognition for ID and Travel Doc with Quality Assessment

Modern face recognition biometrics widely rely on...

João Tremoço, Iurii Medvedev, Nuno Gonçalves

Towards Facial Biometrics for ID Document Validation in Mobile Devices


Iurii Medvedev, Farhad Shadmand, Leandro Cruz, Nuno Gonçalves


Partners and Collaborations