Visual Information Security Team

VIS TEAM is a research and development group with the objective of developing new techniques based on images for the elaboration of security documents.

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Projects developed by the VIS Team

VISUAL-ID – Identidades Visuais Únicas em Gráficos, Imagens e Faces

The Visual-ID project emerge in the context of the partnership between the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da...


Este projeto é a continuação do projeto TrustStamp, alargando o seu âmbito e permitindo dar resposta...


Os principais objetivos deste projeto são a realização de baterias exaustivas de testes de ferrament...


Publications related to the VIS Team

Reducing Overconfidence Predictions in Autonomous Driving Perception

In state-of-the-art deep learning for object recog...

G. Melotti, C. Premebida, J. J. Bird, D. R. Faria and N. Gonçalves

CodeFace: a deep learning printer-proof steganography for Face Portraits.

Identity Documents (IDs) containing a facial portr...

F. Shadmand, I. Medvedev and N. Gonçalves

Card3DFace—An Application to Enhance 3D Visual Validation in ID Cards and Travel Documents

The identification of a person is a natural way to...

Dihl, L., Cruz, L., & Gonçalves, N.

QualFace: Adapting Deep Learning Face Recognition for ID and Travel Doc with Quality Assessment

Modern face recognition biometrics widely rely on...

João Tremoço, Iurii Medvedev, Nuno Gonçalves


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