Some of the most recent news related to the VIS Team

SDW (Security Document World)

VisTeam // 25/06/2018

Introducing a new security solution for document creation that combines UniqueMark's unique authentication power with aesthetic appeal and the GraphQode's high coding capabilities. The VIS Team participated in partnership with the SDW 2018 (Security Document World) INCM. This international security document fair was held in June 25-27 at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Center in London.
The UniQode was presented in a lecture given by Professor Nuno Gonçalves for the present public that showed great interest in the innovative characteristic of this product. In addition, this method was also presented live in a demonstrative application with encoding and decoding information for visitors in the project stand, positively impressing most of the visitors that passed by.

INCM Innovation exhibition

INCM // 24/05/2018

Ceremony regarding the exhibition of some of the innovative projects already implemented or under development in the INCM through the visit to the Innovation Show. In this event it was also presented and distinguished the finalist ideas of the 2nd edition of the INCM Innovation Prize.

As novas armas contra a falsificação (The new weapons against falsification)

Expresso // 19/05/2018

Newspaper article describing some of the most recent projects developed in the area of combat against counterfeiting. Among other projects supported by the INCM, this article describes the advances in technology made in the area of security. Two of the projects developed by the VIS Team group are highlighted in this article.

DEEC open day 2018

VisTeam // 13/09/2018

The DEEC open day event, in addition to welcoming freshmen, served to present to the undergraduate, master's and doctoral students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering the research projects developed in the various laboratories of this department. Represented by the researcher Ricardo Barata the VIS Team participated in this event speaking about the main results of his projects.